Stop the presses! Numbers and Notes is OUT!

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Actually, on second thought, keep the presses going…

As of Monday, March 26, 2012, Numbers and notes: An introduction to musical signal processing is available on paperback, for $16.99 from Perfectly Scientific Press out of Portland, OR. I’m really happy with the way they look (and feel; the cover is made out of some weird, rubbery, smooth material).

Why should you read my book? The reasons are endless, of course! First and foremost, if you want to understand the discrete and fast Fourier transform for any application (but especially for audio purposes), this is a colloquial yet thorough introduction and clarification of the algorithm. Also included are several coding examples in C, MATLAB, and Mathematica. But in general, if you are embarking upon journeys in music information retrieval, musical instrument design, or sound recording conventions, Numbers and notes will clarify all of the underlying mathematics beneath these principles.

Numbers and notes starts from the beginning with the physics of waves and an overview of trigonometry and calculus. No more cross-referencing! Then, we move on to the digital age and uncover sampling and compression techniques. Finally, we reveal the discrete Fourier transform and its celebrated child, the fast Fourier transform, with audio applications in mind. Also addressed are the procedures for analyzing analog circuits, computing transfer functions, and designing analog and digital filters.

Numbers and notes is available in both paperback and PDF (iPad-compatible) formats. Get your copy from the Perfectly Scientific Press store.

Peek at the front and back covers (forgive that typo in the About the Author—out of my hands, out of my hands) below!

Numbers and Notes, back coverNumbers and Notes, front cover. Photograph is of an Orchestrion, captured by Regina Collecchia at the Musee Mecanique, San Francisco.

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